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Panorama is a really user-friendly solution. It meets our needs, and, what's more, the software is constantly evolving. So we can take advantage of new features to improve our practices.

François Laroche, President

Fondation Choquette-Legault

The Panorama software has considerably reduced the secretary's workload on our Board of Directors. It's a rigorous tool that adapts easily to the needs of our organization. Our Board is made up of several members from different generations and with diverse expertise, and it's just as easy and pleasant for everyone to navigate through the software.

Camylle Legault, Vice-President

Motivaction Jeunesse

It's amazing how much time we save on preparing the agenda and drafting the minutes! Panorama also makes us feel more secure, because the software means we can't skip any steps in following good governance practices. This greatly reduces our risks: it's impossible to forget to submit minutes for approval or to add them to the books.

Marie-Christine Lafrance, General Manager

Résidence Norma McAlister

The software is user-friendly and easy to use. Right from the start, it took a lot of stress off me. I found it easier to take notes and simply follow the structure that was provided. The Panorama team is always available to help me if I have any questions, and I really appreciate them taking the time to support me in integrating Panorama into our board.

Linda Tuaro, Secretary


The Panorama software is a key tool for the sustainability of organizations because it ensures continuity regardless of who represents them.

Julie Politi, President of the Board


Panorama simplifies the search for information related to past decisions and votes with its easy-to-use interface. Before, it was always a hassle to organize efficiently, now it's a weight off my shoulders.

Ioana Preda, Secretary and Administrator


The Panorama software allows for consistency and coherence in terms of non-profit organizations governance over the years. The term of office of our board members is limited, so the software greatly facilitates knowledge transfer and optimizes continuity of operations.

Emmanuelle-Salambo Deguara, Board Member

La Transformerie

All of our information is on a Drive, which can quickly become time consuming in both structuring and searching for information. Panorama is a software that I have had the chance to experiment with and that allows us to facilitate this document search, all with automated adoption and classification processes.

Émilie Thierry, Co-President

One of the gains of the software is the ability to automate processes such as signing and approving minutes. These can be done in a few clicks between meetings, which saves time during meetings and allows you to focus on the key elements.

Benoît Pepin


The structure and good governance practices that result from the use of the Panorama software greatly increase the attractiveness of sitting on a board and contribute to the retention of board members.

Julie Politi, President of the Board


With our Drive, it's not always easy to manage access or find essential information. Panorama is a software that facilitates this for us and helps us to better structure our governance.

Marie-Ève Côté, Executive Director

Motivaction Jeunesse

Panorama is simple and easy to use. It saves us a lot of time in writing minutes. The proposed structure allows us to standardize our processes, without even having to do the layout work.

Marie-Christine Lafrance, Executive Director

Save over 40% of your time with Panorama.

  • Meeting preparation
  • Simplified note-taking
  • Minutes generation
  • Book entries
  • Production of resolutions extracts
  • Electronic signatures

Benefit from simplified automation and governance processes.

  • Secure data
  • Automated workflows
  • Easy to use

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